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Our Story

We, as a family, are constantly getting asked

“how did the business get started?”

About 60 years ago, brothers John and Chris came from overseas.  They landed in New York and eventually settled in Detroit.  They wanted to build “the American dream”.  They had a strong work ethic, and they had each other!  After much hard work and struggling to learn and understand every aspect of the business, they finally opened their first restaurant on the campus of Wayne State University making pizza.  Over the years, the business prospered.  The family got larger, the children grew older, and they became more involved in the business.  It was time to expand.

In November 1976, with several successful operations under their belt,  the opportunity arose to acquire Mama Mia Restaurants. Since then, our restaurants have achieved great success and our business is thriving.We are humbled at the many patrons who have supported our businesses over the decades, and we promise to continue to serve you the freshest, tastiest food and provide you with outstanding customer service.

We thank you for choosing

Mama Mia Restaurants!

Buon Appetito / Kali Orexi  -  JOHN, CHRIS AND FAMILY